Christmas dinner party menu

Something special for the Christmas break and for dinner parties in December. Catering for parties of 2, 4, 6 or more, delivered on Fridays and Christmas Eve. All guests have the same menu (with the exception of any special diets, see below), these are not individual meals.


Choose 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 potato dish, 2 vegetable dishes and 1 dessert then just tell us the number of guests. (starter and dessert optional).


Option 1

Goat's cheese on a pesto crouton with sun-dried tomato, balsamic dressing and salad leaves (vegetarian)

Option 3


Mini fillet of grilled salmon with tomato salsa on a bed of salad leaves


Option 2

Spicy parsnip soup (vegetarian)


Main courses

Prices are per person, including 1 potato dish and 2 vegetable dishes from below

Option 1

Classic fillet of beef en croûte with a red wine sauce

Option 4


Roasted rump of lamb brushed with mustard and herb crust with a Madeira sauce


Option 2

Breast of turkey stuffed with mushrooms with a lattice pastry top

Option 5


Fillet of salmon topped with wild rice, mushroom mousse, and herbs with a lattice pastry, served with orange and chive cream sauce


Option 3

Breast of turkey stuffed with sweet peppers and a lattice pastry top



Dauphinoise potatoes

New potatoes in herb butter

Creamy mashed potato with chives

French beans in butter with almonds


Braised red cabbage with apple

Roasted root vegetables

Selection of vegetables 
(courgettes, French beans, baby sweetcorn, carrots) tossed in butter

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables

Please select 2 vegetable dishes (these are cooked, ready to reheat):

Please select 1 potato dish (these are cooked, ready to reheat):


Option 1

Apple & mincemeat crumble tart
(our mincemeat is hand-made and suitable for vegetarians)

Option 4


Chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake


Option 2

Lemon posset with raspberries

Desserts are priced per person


Option 3

Chocolate and pear mousse


Additional information

Preparation & cooking:


The main course comes ready prepared with minimal work required from you but will need cooking in an oven. Vegetables will need oven or a microwave. Full instructions will be provided. All guests to have the same menu with the exception of any special diets (see below), these are not individual meals.

Special diets:


Vegetarian and special diets – we can cater for all, but it is easier to first find out what you would like then John will happily create a menu for you. We can arrange to call you or Facetime/Zoom to discuss.


To place an order email us at

Delivery on Christmas Eve - due to the recent tier changes affecting peoples plans for Christmas we will accept orders placed by Midnight Monday 21st December.