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Christmas 'Finish at Home' menu 2022

Fine catering for parties of friends and family, available December weekends and Christmas Eve.

All guests have the same menu (with the exception of any special diets, see below), these are not individual meals.


Choose 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 potato dish, 2 vegetable dishes and 1 dessert then just tell us the number of guests. (starter and dessert optional).


Option 1

Baked camembert on crostini with rocket salad, apricot & walnut dressing (vegetarian)

Option 3


King prawns with crème fraiche wrapped in smoked salmon with mixed leaves, lemon dressing   


Option 2

Cream of parsnip soup    (vegetarian)


Option 4

Warm shredded confit of duck leg en croûte with mixed leaves, orange & balsamic dressing   


Main courses

Prices are per person, including 1 potato dish and 2 vegetable dishes from below

Option 1

Classic fillet of beef en croûte with a red wine sauce (minimum 4 people)

Option 4


Roasted rump of lamb with a tarragon and mustard crumb top   


Option 2

Breast of turkey stuffed with sweet peppers and pesto, wrapped in smoked bacon   

Option 5


Roulade of salmon with mushrooms and leeks wrapped in filo pastry with sesame seeds, red wine fish sauce 


Option 3

Breast of turkey stuffed with chestnuts, cranberry & sage   


Option 6

Breast and confit leg of duck with chestnut and black cherry stuffing



Please select 1 potato dish

(these are cooked, ready to reheat):


Dauphinoise potatoes

Crushed new potatoes with herby olive oil

Please select 2 vegetable dishes


(raw, prepared and ready to cook):

Brussel sprouts with chestnuts and bacon

French beans with nut butter and almonds

Carrots with honey and butter

Roasted root vegetables

(cooked dishes, ready to reheat):


Braised red cabbage with apple


Desserts are priced per person

Option 1

Apple & mincemeat crumble tart
(our mincemeat is hand-made and suitable for vegetarians)

Option 4


Chocolate and Grand Marnier tart


Option 2

Lime posset


Option 3

Lemon tart with raspberry coulis



Mince pies (hand made using our own mincemeat and suitable for vegetarians) 

Traditional styled or Frangipane topped (please specify when ordering)


for 4 mince pies

Christmas cake

(available as individual slices or 'slab' for total number requested)


per slice

Additional information

How this works:

All guests to have the same menu with the exception of any special diets (see below), these are not individual pre-cooked meals like our weekly Meals to Home menu.  

The main course comes fully prepared with minimal work required from you but will need cooking in an oven.  

Some vegetable dishes will need cooking but are fully prepared for you, some just reheat in a microwave.  

Full instructions will be provided.  

Vegetarian and special diets:


We can cater for all, but it is easier to first find out what you would like then John will happily create a menu for you.  

Let us know and we will call you to discuss.

When is this menu available?:

December weekend dinner parties:

Saturday 10th December – order deadline Monday 5th December

Saturday 17th December – order deadline Monday 12th December

For Christmas Day:

Saturday 24th December delivery - order deadline  Friday 16th December

To place an order email us at

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